Why Use Adherent?
We are unlike any company!

Laboratory Services

Adherent has a fully functional adhesives and materials laboratory.

The combination of a functional laboratory and extensive consulting services makes us unique in the industry, and allows us to provide comprehensive service in the areas of:

Adhesive Development

Many manufacturers have difficulty finding assistance when seeking the optimal adhesives for their applications, especially when their volume is small but the value to their product is high. We will custom formulate adhesives and related materials, specifically tailored for your application. You can own or license your own unique formulation for a competitive advantage.

Raw Material Development

As raw material suppliers develop new materials they need both accurate and timely feedback on the performance of their materials in adhesive, sealant and coating formulations. We work with raw material suppliers as part of their development team to provide the feedback normally supplied by formulators, allowing them to speed development and maximize value with the highest level of transparency and confidentiality.

Adhesive Evaluations and Comparisons

Evaluation of new adhesives by manufacturers can be time consuming, costly and difficult to compare different results. We objectively measure and compare the performance of adhesives for your specific application. We take the mystery out of adhesive selection and help you find the best combination of performance and cost.

Laboratory Coating and Application Testing

The interaction of processes, substrates and adhesive are critical to the success of any application. Our laboratory coating and laminating capabilities include slot die, spiral spray, melt blown, and UV curable systems. These provide us with the ability to simulate many production processes for such applications as pressure sensitive tapes and labels, diaper construction and elastic attachment.

Why Use Adherent?
We are unlike any company!