Why Use Adherent?

What makes us different?

Very few companies are in a position to staff and equip their own adhesive laboratory, and fewer still are in a position to keep their laboratory on the cutting edge of adhesive technology. Working with Adherent allows you to have complete access to an experienced adhesives development team and laboratory facilities comparable to the major adhesive companies. We want you to think of us as an extension of your own organization.

We are uniquely positioned to change the way you look at adhesives. Adhesives do not need to be thought of as an off-the-shelf commodity like staples and paper, but a way to garner competitive advantage. The adhesive solutions we develop for you are unique to you. Adherent provides you the option of controlling a unique adhesive solution and the entire supply chain including raw material purchase and adhesive manufacturing.

Because Adherent is a testing facility as well as a product development facility, we can test the adhesives you get from your adhesive supplier and provide an objective report on performance. This provides you with complete transparency and the ability to optimize your adhesive applications.