Why Use Adherent?
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Consulting Services

The vast knowledge and experience of the staff at Adherent Laboratories makes us invaluable to clients with adhesive, sealant or coating problems.

Our expertise enables us to provide Consulting Services in the areas of:

Adhesive Specification Development

Adhesives are a critical component to most manufactured goods and finding the right one, with the optimum balance of performance and price, is important. With the many vendors offering many choices and presenting their data in different formats the process can be difficult. Adherent will review your adhesive requirements, establish relevant specifications, and assist you with the evaluation and selection of the optimum adhesive for your application.

Market Assessment

To properly position and price products into the adhesive marketplace, it's important to know both the market AND the product, but few organizations have the ability to integrate the two.  With it's combined marketing, sales, and technical expertise, Adherent is uniquely able to not only technically evaluate your product but also tell how it fits into the marketplace.

Technology Assessment

Determining the value and soundness of intellectual property is an important aspect of mergers, acquisitions, licensing, and investments. Because of our academic background, professional experience, and laboratory facilities, Adherent is uniquely qualified to make technology assessments and give sound and valuable recommendations.

Product Design

Adhesives play an increasing role in design, manufacturability and repair ability of products. Adherent's extensive experience in a wide variety of product design and manufacturing projects in addition to its adhesive, coating, sealant and substrate knowledge provides its clients' product design teams with a unique resource of expertise during the design phase.

Product Failure Analysis

Failure is never a pleasant experience but when it occurs determining the root cause is critical to quick resolution and minimizing damage. Determining the root cause of an adhesive, coating or sealant failure can be very difficult because of the complex nature of the factors that can have an influence on the failure. Adherent Consultants have an extensive understanding of Root Cause Analysis tools and their application as well as analytical and physical testing. When combined with our experience in product development and technical service, we are well positioned to assist clients in both root cause determination and remediation.

Litigation Support

In the area of litigation support, Adherent provides both consulting expertise and expert witness services to litigators on adhesive related issues including product failure, patent, and trade secret matters. Adherent's extensive Product Failure Analysis and Product Design experience provide litigators with unparalleled consulting expert assistance in the early stages of litigation strategy and investigation. 

Why Use Adherent?
We are unlike any company!