Why Use Adherent?
We are unlike any company!


Adherent Laboratories has a fully equipped adhesives and materials laboratory located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Partnering strategically with other research, educational and testing laboratories Adherent Lab's capabilities rival that of any major adhesive company.  Our testing capabilities include:

  • Analytical Testing
    • Complete qualitative and quantitative analytical capabilities (IR, GPC, DSC, NMR, etc.)
  • Materials Testing
    • Tensile and compression
    • Oscillatory, steady shear, and capillary rheology
  • Adhesives Testing
    • Viscosity, rate of set, softening point, thermal stability, heat and cold resistance
    • Adhesion testing to various substrates
    • Nonwoven t-peels and elastic band creep testing
    • Long term aging
    • Pressure sensitive peels, static and dynamic shears, tack testing
  • Adhesive Application Testing
    • Sprayability of adhesives
  • Laminating
    • Slot coating
Why Use Adherent?
We are unlike any company!